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Jul 27, 2011 5:30am EDT
. gayle king is on the phone in her pajamas. gayle, good morning. >> happy anniversary to you, willie geist. actually i just got out of the tub. i'm ready to go. >> you've got your robe on? i don't want to get too personal here. >> willie, it's a big bath sheet, but this is the thing about your show. there's no other show on tv that would start with luke russert quoting biggy and puffy in the morning, nobody else can do that. >> nobody else can pull that off. luke russert with his confirmation photo talking about biggy small. >> i know. i loved it. >> gayle, you've been so great. i wanted to brick you on because you've been there from the beginning, e-mailing me about the show. what has you up at this hour every single day. >> it's so funny that you should ask that. you were on vacation last week and i was literally typed up an e-mail and i said, gayle, stop it. he's married. hello, christina. he's got kids. they're probably on vacation. stop sounding like the weird crazy stalker person but you were so much a part of my day getting everything started. i love how yo put everything in p
Jul 10, 2011 11:30am EDT
. >> up next on the 2011 los angeles times festival of books, gayle lemmon, author of a "the dressmaker of khair khan" discusses her book and takessiob booktv viewer phone calls for about half an hour. >> it's my final guest this we afternoon and we're going to move from american history to f foreign policy and talk aboutut her new next best selling book andbe this is the first book for was you.w what's it like to be on the bestseller lists with your first book? >> guest: it's nice to hear people react and people are connecting to it and i'm so incredibly grateful. >> it's a story about afghanistan but it's about one woman and one family in afghanistan so it really personalizes some of the challenges of that country. it's called the dressmakers of speed and tells the story of >> guest: it tells the story of a young woman who is supposed to be a teacher and ended up becoming an entrepreneur because there were so tough on so many people and she was left as the head of a family with five brothers and sisters counting on her and she became an entrepreneur and a dressmakers because there was
Jul 15, 2011 4:30am EDT
speaking in australia, u.s. attorney general eric holder confirmed the fbi is invest gayling allegations news corp tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims. those and other accusations driving police for information led murdoch to shut down his news of the world tabloid earlier this week. meanwhile lawmakers in london were forced to issue a summons to murdoch and his son after they refused to answer questions in the inquiry into the scandal. aside from the son that their reign on influence in england may be waning. controversy continues to swirl around the don't ask don't tell tell us banning openly gay members from serving. despite congress voting to end the 17-year-old policy last year. yesterday the obama administration asked an appeals court to reconsider an order it made for an immediate end to don't ask don't tell. the court ruled since the process of repealing was under way, there was no reason to continue enforcing it. the justice department is arguing ending the ban now would eliminate a time table established last year that was designed to promote an orderly transition. no
Jul 4, 2011 10:00pm PDT
are still rare. occurring in only 1% of patients taking chantix. dr. gayle. >> we will continue to do a more in depth look, but today we have not seen evidence of important risks to the heart health of patients. >> 62 degrees today at the coast. it was 98 degrees in our inland areas and clear skies for the fireworks. your pinpoint book work forecast as eyewitness news continues. northern california mountains. they hit the slopes to take advant >>> some people spent this fourth of july holiday chilling in the northern california mountains. because they hit the slopes to take advantage of snow in summer. thanks to record snowfall this year, several lake tahoe resorts were open today. al pine meadows and kirkwood welcomed all skiers and boarders. this is only the second time in history that al pine was opened on the fourth. the last time, 1995. >> is that the last time fireworks didn't obscure the fireworks? >> great night out there. >> that was a good call because that is true, right? and you know, i was thinking of somebody that went swimming in the lake at lake tahoe today and wit
Jul 5, 2011 11:00pm PDT
patrocinada por la alcaldesa de la ciudad quien confia en tener los votos necesarios. gayle mclaughlin/alcald esa de richmond 3:00 i think creo que definitvamente los tenemos, la resolucion que presentamos hace un mes que nos preparo para esto fue aprobada por unanimidad. segun el proyecto, la identificacion, que ya es expedida en ciudades como san francisco, tendria un costo inicial de 15 dolares para adultos, diez para los ninos y seria valida por dos anos....algunos ya hacen planes de como les serviria maria gutierrez/resident e de richmond 23;53 o rentar un departamento porque muchas veces no nos rentan departametnos que no tengamos una identificacion de aqui tampoco 24:02 nosotros batallamos mucho buscando apartamento, si nos hace falta algo asi 24:07 ademas de que seria una identificacion reconocida por la policia y la ciudad, otros celebran que serviria tambien como tarjeta debito prepagada valentin alba/residente de richmond 29:23 por el dinero para no andar cargando dinero en la bolsa de eso de los asaltos que hay, todo eso estaria bien 29:29 la alcaldesa de richmond d
Jul 8, 2011 11:00pm PDT
ciudad. --gayle mc laughlin concedió una entrevista a el mensajero en donde se refirió al id y dijo que quizá podría estar en marcha a fin de año. --además podrán leer una nota sobre jóvenes estudiantes latinos quienes fueron invitados a la universidad de santa clara para escuchar una charla orientada a que continúen sus estudios universitario. -- en "pasión deportiva" ademas podrán leer sobre el partido entre el américa de méxico y el manchester city que se llevará a cabo en san francisco, y lo más reciente sobre la copa américa. --en la vibra, no se pierdan una nota sobre la exposición que se realizará en la biblioteca de san francisco sobre la historia de la música latina en estados unidos. --recuerden que pueden leer el mensajero en su edición impresa y las 24 horas del día en el cu ---nos vamos a la pausa y en dos minutos... viene nancy y la farandula... take vo ---y nos contara la metamorfosis que sufrira el cantautor guatemalteco. .. ricardo arjona... segment ends cu ---ya viene nancy leal... en medio de metamorfosis y secretos... mejor que sea el
Jul 7, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. jamie. >> gayle is on our facebook and she says hail is coming down like moth balls right now. we'll keep an eye on that. watch the skies here tonight. we'll keep you updated as we go throughout the night. we'll see you at 11:00. have a great evening, the storms are rolling through. be careful out there.
Jul 6, 2011 9:00am EDT
must be going through her mind and how she moves on from here. dr. gayle is a "today" contributor and psychiatrist and author of "you say more than you think." good morning to both of you. jenen, i know your expertise is how people lie and how you can tell if someone the lying. we'll get to you in a minute. dr. gayle, casey anthony's life is about to change, it may be literally overnight depending on when the judge decides to release her. bottom line, she will be released sooner rather than later. how does someone adjust, particularly coming out to a world that is so different when someone left, everyone watching her. >> this is a problem for a myriad of reasons. people being in jail adjusting to being able to take care of themselves and being outside. usually they try to return to families but obviously in this case it's a family that is so, in best case scenario, dysfunctional. most families can't survive infidelity, can't survive sexual abuse, murder, or the loss of a child for that matter. you add all of these things together -- >> in the context of her defense she actually ac
Jul 28, 2011 12:00pm CDT
girlfriend a former chicago bear shaun gayle she is serving two back-to-back life sentences for the 2007 murder ... >>yang is unlikely to pay the amount ... >>to rapid response units once considered key components of fighting crime in chicago will to stand next month the chicago police department's mobile strike force and targeted response unit will no longer resist beginning august 18th the move was expected after mayor rana manuals announcement of the redeployment of a hundred 50 officers from those units jody weis had developed them when he took over the department back in 2008 after warning yesterday that layoffs are inevitable county board president toni preckwinkle released a preliminary 2012 budget today the budget estimate projects at 13 fifth$315 million shortfall prep winkle is already taking steps to deal with falling revenues ... governor quinn has tapped the daughter of chicago alderman ed burke and illinois supreme court justice anne burke for a high-paying state job since 2009 alderman burke's political campaign from his london donated to under $50,000 to governor quinn
Jul 1, 2011 1:00am PDT
the infrastructure. >> reporter: you raise the issue of the gayle and gas sector -- of the oil and gas sector. big asspirations going from 1.5 targeted to 2.5 million barrels a day by 2016. that seems realistic but getting to eight by 20 or 2025 is going to be a struggle? >> i think the there's market -- i think there's market limitation. we can't get there, no. we have to get our fair share, we don't want to break the quota of opec, we don't want to be a member, but iraq is a play. >> if you hit the targets by 2020, even 2025, it completely changes the dynamics of the region in terms of power and be the counterbalance with saudi arabia, does it not? >> i think it -- nobody could continue to enjoy to be a main player essentially. i think a new emerging power is coming, iraq is one of them. and the economy of iraq is going to be powerful, not powerful in the way of saddam being powerful, no. powerful in this economic potential. >> once again the minister of state of iraq. >>> iraq's economic potential is being stunted by corruption right now. iraqi authorities have been quoted in media reports rece
Jul 22, 2011 9:00am EDT
. dragging you down. this is about zapping your energy and adding stress to your life. >> gayle, you suggest actually talking before the relationship even gets to that point where you are having to break up. but there will come a time where you say, okay, enough is enough. this person is not going to work out in my life. >> hopefully that point doesn't come until you have had the talk. a lot of people end friendships haven't having had the talk. the other person didn't know what they were doing or what was going on. so if you have had the discussion several times, this is what it feels like is going on for me, can we try to fix it because i value the friendship. but if you've had that conversation two or three times and nothing is changing, then i think that is your sign you're done. >> yeah. also, friend slips have ups and downs. i think you have to decide is this person important enough for me to work it out? right, elizabeth? >> right. it's not like something horrible happens and you say you're going to break it off. two kinds of tactics. one is maybe taking time away from the person, not
Jul 10, 2011 12:00pm EDT
. >> host: thanks for being with us. again, the dressmaker khair kahn is gayle a lemmon's first book and you can find it easily weather on line as an ebook or in your local booksellllllllllll >> this was part of the 2011 los angeles times festival of books. to find out more visit of books. ♪ >> coming up next, booktv presents "after words," an hourlong program where we invite guest hosts to interview authors. this week eli pariser exposes internet secrets in his new book, "the filter bubble: what the internet is hiding from you." in it the president of argues that social media and online companies are all manipulating content to fit users, personalizing information in a potentially detrimental way. mr. parisser discusses his concerns and solutions for a loss of privacy with author and professor clay shirk key. >> host: eli, great to be here with you. >> guest: thank you. >> host: i'm going to start by asking, i think, the most basic question about the thesis. your book is titled: "filter bubble: what the internet is hiding from you." who is it that's
Jul 10, 2011 4:00pm EDT
, and non-profits on copyrights, publishing, new media, and licensing. gayle, welcome. >> thank you. anything you put on the internet, you're about to hear back. you have to make sure -- one child is already through college, and the other is almost done, so now i can take that and part of what i'm here to do today here is talk about authors and money in the new environment. a couple things of the state of the book from my perspective. i had the wonderful, wonderful privilege of working in this business as both a media lawyer for about 0 years and an agent for 22 of those years in dc which i think is the nonfiction capitol of the country, and i've also seen a lot of e-book revolution. my lawyer was working on electronic journal contract for the learner's societies i represented over the years since as early as 1990. i've seen a lot. this last year is about the most positive year i've seen. i was saying last week the mood -- i go to manhattan a lot -- and the mood in publishing a year ago was much different than it is today. we are starting to understand what's going on, and the presi
Jul 22, 2011 7:00pm EDT
as if you could talk about the factor in giving him gayle the edge. >> and i will take one crack at it. it's also from the very difficult and one of the things we did, we had a meeting over the science laboratory science team so the principal investigators involved in the mission and basically did a vote, and we ended up with two front runners, but there's a slight preference for gail and more discussion and asking themselves denying people who built the ten instruments there was no preference that it's not a one trick pony. as we saw from the talks today there are several different environments, environmental sightings that can be explored any one of which might have a possibility of preserving some organics. you don't have to have the scientific hubris knowing where to go or what minerals to target, you actually have the choice of several different things so that if one doesn't work perhaps the other one gives you the great payoff. sophocles and gentlemen i'm going to have to jump in. we are out of time. it has to be reconfigured but i would like to tell the media who are sitting here an
Jul 12, 2011 5:30pm PDT
correspondent tom bearden joined them on their hunt. >> about five or -- >> gayle star is a guard ladybug detective. >> and i'm glad you can come today because the ladybugs are happening out here as you can see. >> she is a top performer in the lost ladybug project, a national research study is trying to find out why some native species of ladybugs have been disappearing. >> did you get -- >> it was cool. >> they're beauties. >> i want to keep those. >> we can't keep them, sweetie, we're just going to take their picture. >> her day job is teaching third grade at springs ranch elementary in colorado springs. ladybugs are her hobby and her mass. for the last three years she's enlisted her students to help in the search. >> i got three. >> on this warm day in the shadow of pikes peak, about two dozen kids and their parents needed her call even though they were out for the summer. >> i found one. >> star and 4,000 other citizen scientists are helping professional scientists survey the entire country by collecting ladybug specimens, photographing them and e-mailing the pictures to cornell univ
Jul 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
prescription medicine. (sot partially covered)chyron:gayle williimsconsumer reports (sot) "ssxty-ffve percent of those surveyed using chiropractic treatmenns for back pain said they helpedda lot. only 53 percent using prescription helpful." (v/o)half of those whh used ddep-tissue massage or yoga found they helped a survey results indicated that both were almost onnpar with prescriptiin medication. but in the consumer reports survey, lternative treatments wereenot found to be as helpful withhmany other mediial conditions.take depression. yoga or meditation helped about 35 percent. in contrast, 70 percent of those using prescriptionnmedication founn it to be very helpful. (v/o)and as for colds, flu, and allergies? prescription meds were deemed much more helpful than nutritional supplements like vitamin c.supp. coomng up in our 7 o'clock she battled with drugs aad alcohol... in the years &pleading up to errdeath..nd while we don't yet know what killed amy winehouse... many ppeculate her addiction could have played a part. could help have come sooner? what teps need to be taken... toohelp othe
Jul 5, 2011 8:00am EDT
and our board members who are present tonight, dawn, gayle, donna and teresa, i want to welcome everybody here. we're so glad that you could join us for this behind-the-headlines event. these are events on hot issues in the news, and recently we've done events on egypt, libya, women in the middle east, um, and our event tonight is with ambassador husain haqqani, the pakistani ambassador to the who will be joined by our friend and frequent speaker and moderator, washington post's senior national security correspondent karen deyoung. for a conversation on u.s./pakistan relations. the event could not be more timely, as we all know, given the increased tensions in the relationship between the two countries following the killing of osama bin laden. we're so pleased to have the ambassador with us tonight to explore the complexities and the importance of this relationship and extremely lucky to have karen back. i want to recognize a few guests who are here with us tonight, undersecretary of state for public diplomacy judith mchale. [applause] um, principle deputy assistant secretary for economic
Jun 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
, gayle, theresa, donna, i want to welcome everybody here. we are so glad that you could join us for this the high end of the headline yvette. these are evens on hot issues in the news and recently we have done a fence on egypt, libya, women in the middle east, and every event tonight is with investor husain haqqani, the pakistani ambassador to the u.s. who will be joined by our friend and frequent speaker and moderator "washington post" senior national security correspondent karen de young for a conversation on the west pakistan relations. the evin and could not be more timely as we all know given the increased tension in the relationship between the two countries following the killing of osama bin laden. we are so pleased to have the ambassador with us tonight to explore the complexities and the importance of this relationship and extremely lucky to have care in. i want to welcome a few guests with us, undersecretary of state for public diplomacy. [applause] deputy assistant secretary for economic energy and business affairs deborah mccarthy. [applause] members of our corporate
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)